Business Description

1. The Development of Quotations Combined with Production Planning System
・An Excel made quotation allows to make manufacturing process “leaf” (tag) automatically that is shown on the production timetable screen.
・If you register an actual production information in the production timetable screen, you can issue an Excel made invoice from the system.
・The production timetable screen allows to manage the entire production schedule, resources’ allocation plan, their progresses, and actual manufacturing results.
・The production timetable screen is an online system that it can be used from any places outside your office, if you use a device such as VPN (Virtual Private Network).Please let us show you some functions of the system here.
The screen above shows a timetable of manufacturing process that allocates tasks to assigned employees each and manages their progresses.
If you set a non-allocated task in the system, you can make its timetable by the hour.

This system allows to use a touch panel to allocate each task freely. Non-allocated tasks can be moved on the screen with your finger tips, and be allocated to assigned employees each, as you desire.

In addition, the system allows to input actual hours spent for each task so that you can manage the entire production progress associated with each task.

The system allows to divide one task in multiple tasks, and integrate multiple tasks into one. Thus, you can combine a preceding task with the following task together.

Even though there are some functional restrictions applied to the demo mode than the real system, you are welcomed to use the demo mode to see how the system will work.
Please click here, and try our demo mode.

2. Control System Development using PLC Micro Computer
PLC (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Siemens, and Allen-Bradley)
PLC (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Siemens, and Allen-Bradley)
3. Off-shore Development in India
System developments with high quality and at low costs.
We collaborate to develop the online “Quotations Combined with Production Planning System” and the “Control System using PLCs” described above with system engineers in Japan and India.
Our engineers stay all the time in the Frasco Advanced Technology Private Limited to develop the systems in India.
Frasco Advanced Technology Private Limited
Since we collaborate to develop systems with our engineers in India, we can develop them with high quality and at low costs.
There are four system engineers who can communicate in English in our Japan office.
4. Creating your homepage
We will create your English version of homepage. Since we create your homepage in India, we can make it at lower cost.
5. Cloud Services
We will provide you cloud services such as the Quotations Combined with Production Planning System, Project Management Tools, and groupware systems.
Our customers do not need to prepare for hardware devices such as a server.
6. IT Consultants
We will provide you effective IT solutions using open sources that their costs are low and they have multiple functions.
We will provide IT services to meet customer business needs.